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My wedding invitation.

I usually don’t do promotions myself, but since I’ve been emailed several times about this, I think this idea might help out some of the brides with tight budgets.

So I decided to put several printable invitation designs for sell on my personal website for those who has limitation on printing quantities, or just wanted something pretty to attach in the invite email without the actual mailing process. Each invitation is $50 per order, special request can be applied, please go to http://visualaday.com/Printable-Invitations for more detail. 

Copyright of the artworks by Huilin Dai 


Yong Sung Heo.

Paintings by Yong Sung Heo:

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Fashion Illustrations by Cecilia Carlstedt

Only two weeks left until #ART01 ships! Be there from the beginning!


Jensine Eckwall.

Jensine Eckwall’s beautiful watercolor illustrations are available as prints in her INPRNT store.  All the work above is available plus way more over at INPRNT.  You can also follow INPRNT on Tumblr.

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